7 Days Till' Launch

7 Days Till' Launch...

The Burden...

“When I heard these things I sat down and wept…” Nehemiah 1:4


The Old Testament is full of heroes and Nehemiah is one of them. A simple “cupbearer” to the King of the Medo-Persian Empire, he felt a burden for the people of Jerusalem and then acted on it. This man was just a regular guy living life, doing fairly well with his position and life plan. But something didn’t sit right when he heard about the people in Jerusalem, his people. The city walls were broken and shattered leaving its inhabitants defenseless and vulnerable. Knowing God’s heart for his children, Nehemiah is moved to the point of tears. He takes time to stop and think about the “defenseless and vulnerable.” He sees the broken. He sees the needy. He feels for the lost. He hurts for those who can’t help themselves. Seeking permission from the King, he devises a plan to rebuild the city walls and save a generation. God has a plan for his people and Nehemiah was willing to be a part of it.

God has a plan for his people in our generation much the same. And, he has put YOU right in the middle of it. Our world, country, city and communities are full of those who are “defenseless and vulnerable.” God is calling us, the “Nehemiahs” to look around, see the devastation and feel compassion. When is the last time you wept for your family, your friends, co-workers or neighbors overwhelmed with living life without a relationship with Jesus at the center? God has placed his plan for living life to its fullest inside of us. God has placed hope in our hearts through his word uniting with our faith. God has promised us an amazing future as we walk this journey of life with him and then into eternity. God has called us to get on board with re-building the broken down walls of hearts all around us. As we head into our launch week, let’s ask God to give us a compassionate heart for the “defenseless and vulnerable.” 

Prayer Emphasis: Pray for those who are living shattered lives in your city, community, neighborhood, workplace, friendship circle and family. Pray for them by name if you can. Ask God to give you courage to share about the plan of God for their lives. Then, pray for boldness to invite someone you know to the launch season of 29:11.