A Strange Void - Entry Three

God isn’t afraid of your doubts. For some reason, we feel this deep need to prove to God that we don’t doubt Him or the world that He has created around us. If you’ve been a parent long enough, you definitely understand this. It’s easy to get frustrated with your child when you feel they doubt you. I know I have. I get a little warm around the collar and then my forehead starts to collect sweat beads. “You can’t doubt me!” I think staring down at my child eye to eye. Why? Because I’m the parent, right? I’m always right, right? Or, at least thats what I want my child to assume. Maybe we feel God treats us the same. His long white beard and walking stick tapping on our chest saying, “Never doubt me!” We fear our questions may get us into trouble or put us at odds. We minimize God and try to make Him fit into that “disappointed” parent role when all the while He is trying to show us that He is so different than that idea of what we fit Him into becoming. 

100abandonedhouses.com will inspire you to think about the home you are building in your heart when it come to faith. 

100abandonedhouses.com will inspire you to think about the home you are building in your heart when it come to faith. 

God isn’t afraid of your doubts.


In fact, He would rather have you share them with Him than let them fester in your heart eventually boiling over like a pot of noodles that gets too hot. King Solomon was the brightest man around. Even Solomon had questions. Thirteen chapters of them. His struggle in wondering what mattered in this life and in God’s eyes is crafted page after page of what can seem like an utterly depressing book. But, his honesty causes the reader to ask the same. What really in this life matters?  God lets him ask it without isolating him out of his anger or punishing him like a child. Solomon lays it all out on the line in the last chapter and down to the last verse…


That’s the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad.”  Ecclesiastes 13:13 - 14


I love his honesty and his final perspective on what really matters in the life. For us, Solomon does some homework and gives us a chance to start where he left off. Following God. Trusting God. Fearing God. Not exactly what this generation wants to hear when it comes to dealing with doubts in this life but definitely a good place to start. A good place to start the trench work of building a house of faith that is solid, strong and can weather the winds that blow across our lives. Maybe if we allow ourselves to asking, honestly cry out our doubts to God we will find that sometimes it's in God’s ability to listen that we find that He is really enough.