Plan. Hope. Future. Day 1

Plan. Hope. Future.

Day 1 - 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

God has a word for you in 2017. Did you know that? He probably has several. A word that helps define the next season of your life or the direction for your upcoming days. He had a word, too, for the prophet Jeremiah hundreds of years ago. It was a simple encouragement for those that surrounded him. Individuals that were in captivity at the time. People that were discouraged wondering what would be next for them.  People that were struggling to find the faith that God was still with them. 

As we begin 2017, maybe you are feeling that same way. Or, maybe you can identify because in 2016 you had some moments where you wondered the same. That is the power of God’s voice in our lives. It helps guide us on those days, or maybe even those months, when things can feel foggy or dark. Hearing God’s voice and being reminded of His truth can keep us from fading or diverting from the path He has for us. 

Can you imagine being among the group that Jeremiah was writing to? “God has a plan?” they most likely wondered. But it was true…He always has a plan no matter where that finds us. All it requires is our surrender and willingness to follow no matter how things look. 

God has a word for you in 2017. Usually it's opposite of what you think you need and unfolds in a way that you didn’t expect. Think of Moses and God’s direction on freeing the slaves of Israel (Exodus 14). Think of Joshua and God’s direction to cross the Jordan (Joshua 3). Think of the disciples and their personal decision to follow Christ (Luke 5). Think of Jesus and following the mission His very own Father gave him so he could FREE us from our sin (Matthew 26). So many men and women through the ages who had no idea where they would end up when the year started (Hebrews 11) or ended. 

But, their willingness to keep following the heart of our God led them places beyond what they could have believed on January 1st. 

God has a plan for you in 2017. Make it a habit to ask Him how you can help that plan unfold. Ask Him for the plan. Ask Him for your word for 2016. Ask Him what about your next step. Then, listen. His answer may come like a firework in the sky or like a gentle whisper in your ear. Our God is doing something great in you...

Pastor Mark :) 

Action Step: Take a few minutes to pray and ask God for a word, a phrase, a scripture that can help define the direction you're going in 2017. Don’t think too hard. Search your heart and write down what comes first. Place it on a note card and then make it visible so you can see it day by day. You will be encouraged throughout the year.