Advent - Week 2 // PONDERING

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 22:9 ESV


Thoughts on Today’s Verse: Pondering. 

It seems to be getting harder and harder in the Christmas season to take a few minutes to learn to ponder. What does that mean anyway and what was Mary doing pondering? The word has its roots in the idea of reflection. To think about something carefully…contemplate, consider, review. We all know the reason for the season, right? But between the Christmas lists, baking, traveling and waiting in one line after another, that reason can get covered up by agitation. The scene was similar for the mother of our Savior. Bethlehem was busy with the census that was being taken to the point that they couldn’t even find a room. Hotels were full. People were busy. And ... Mary is ready to have her child. As they fluff the hay in the stable they found that busy night, suddenly the angels and shepherds appear in the sky above her. This simple woman stops long enough to think about this miracle that God has brought to the earth. As she lays next to her newborn son I wonder what she was thinking. Did she know he would heal a deaf man and give sight back to the blind? That demons would tremble at his name and crowds would follow him reaching out just to touch his garment? Maybe what she reflected on most was the fact that he was here. God’s promise was real. And... she was a part of the story. He came for you and me. Take a few minutes to ponder on that and it will help resurface the reason for the season.

My Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to never forget the reason for Christmas. It’s not all the stuff that surrounds me but the Savior who has saved me from myself. Thank you for making me part of your story upon this earth and forevermore. Amen.