Greedy Gratitude 30 Day Devotional 


"Then Jesus and his disciples left Jerusalem and went into the Judean countryside. Jesus spent some time with them there, baptizing people.”

John 3:22 NLT

“Jesus spent some time with them there…”

Community. We were not created to live alone. When Adam was placed on this earth, God didn’t leave him here just to exist by himself. He created a helper. A companion. Someone that could share in his joys, lift him up in his sorrows and together they could create an open dialogue of love, trust and hope. God didn’t leave Adam to fend for himself. And, he didn’t leave you to do the same. 

Jesus had community. Twelve men filled his life for three years. From sun up to sun down, they had one another. God could have sent his son and just bypassed mankind producing his mission by himself. But, he used human beings to be at his son’s side. Sharing in his joys, lifting him up in his sorrows and together…this small community he helped create would later literally change the world. 

Community is such a beautiful thing. From families to friendships, we need each other. And, even greater…God designed it that way. He created us for one another. He put us in the exact place we were supposed to be. The exact city. The exact school. And, the exact church body to give us an opportunity to create community. We need each other. Being extravagantly thankful for where God has put you is essential to keep you connected with others. Looking around at those that have come alongside you and 

seeing the GOOD in them... 

seeing the POTENTIAL in them...

seeing the HOPE in them...

stirs our soul. 

God created us because he wanted relationship with us. We weren’t formed to be robots. We aren’t minions with the same shiny bright yellow skin. We are individuals with DNA strands and fingerprints that are uniquely all our own. He weaved together a humanity that is distinctively individual…but knitting our hearts together in a unity only he could create. A unity that defies differences, socio economic backgrounds, skin color and birth origin. As we come together in our love for God he builds a community called the Kingdom of God that symbolizes his heart for his people. His children. You and me.

We need each other. Let’s thank God we were born for community. Connection. Love. 

ACTION STEP: Let’s focus on our CHURCH COMMUNITY today. Take a moment to reflect on this awesome community where God has placed you. Take a moment today personally to THANK someone in that community. Invite them out for coffee, send a text, a card or letter. Just take the TIME to let them know why you appreciate them and how they have encouraged your life.