Greedy Gratitude 30 Day Devotional 

Day 11 - Authenticity

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”

James 5:16 NIV

Often times authenticity is portrayed as the quirky girl in romantic comedies. The ones so unabashed they are viewed as strange. I have always gravitated towards that... in friends, in a church and in myself. I was welcomed in early to a community of "misfits" in high school and it was in that circle that I found Christ, not that they were all believers but that they allowed me to be an honest version of myself, and I haven't stopped being unapologetically myself since. 

I seek authenticity in every avenue of my life and I feel it's utterly important for healthy growth for us to always be transparent and authentic with each other.

Christ calls us to openness with one another.

Writer Stephen Dunegan serves up a fresh cup of authentic coffee nearly week at Jeremiah's...

Writer Stephen Dunegan serves up a fresh cup of authentic coffee nearly week at Jeremiah's...

I often wonder what the dynamics were with Christ and His disciples. I can't help but imagine a bunch of ruffians with Jesus. I'm sure there was tomfoolery in the midst of miracles. I'm sure there were laughs.

I know there were tears.

Let us always seek the seal of authenticity, the same we look for in handbags and footwear, in our community. And, if we are close with each other, we can call each other out when we feel there are items and issues not being addressed. I'm thankful for this community and how they have empowered me to be that quirky role and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I have been honored to see some of the most raw messages and confessions come from this body. Some from the pastoral staff on a weekend experience. Some behind the espresso bar. All of them have grown me and stretched me; not that these confessions have been easy from the giver nor the recipient but it has given me a deeper level of connection. Confession begats confession and that is something you can't quantify. 

May God continue to call us to be utterly genuine with each other.

It's vital that we embrace identity and not image. 

Action: Find a couple of people you have connected with and take them out for coffee... or... join one of our vast and seemingly "strange" community groups and let that be fertile ground for transparency or "transparent trees" and let the fruits grow.