January 7th

Scripture- Joel 2

Observe it ā€“ God will take the years lost in sin, and restore them, making them fruitful and multiply it. Joy will overflow. Darkness will flee. Everything will come back like new wine; overflowing to every part of you. Overflowing so much that others will know His name. Shame will no longer be your name, instead it will be son or daughter. God is going to pour out over all people.

Apply it ā€“ Make my own heart clean so that the promises God has, will come to fruition. When my heart is far from him, I am no longer in His grace, but instead locked into death that sin has created; no hope of reaching any farther. But, with God, when troubled times come, I can stand firm knowing He has my back. I can use the sword of the spirit to fight off any attack the enemy tries to throw my way.

Prayer ā€“ Father, Right now, I come to you with a heart ready for change. Father, you see me in my day-to-day and you know exactly where Iā€™m at. I ask God that those things that lie dormant inside of me; my dreams, my visions, things you have spoken over me, I pray that you bring them back to my mind once again. Bring new life to them. Plant them deep inside my spirit so that they may grow again. I ask for new life over my mind as well. I pray you shake off the negative and replace it with positive words.  In your name, Amen.