January 17th

Scripture- 2 Timothy 3

Observe It– Paul wrote to Timothy about the end times, times that Timothy experienced then and we still experience now- a culture driven by selfish pursuits. What does Paul invite Timothy to focus on and lead with instead of selfish pursuits?

Apply it– How can I keep my focus on the things that God is inviting me to focus on? What is driving me to do an excellent job at work, to be an amazing spouse, or parent? May God’s love, his word, and truth lead us towards loving others well and living life to it’s fullest, rather than our own selfish pursuits.

Prayer- God, help me to stop focusing on what just makes life better for me, and instead be consumed with living for you, loving people well, and being who you’ve designed me to be. May my life inspire others to draw closer to you. Amen.

January 16th

Scripture- 2 Timothy 2

Observe It– Those in ministry have a high character and also work hard at what God has called us to do. We can’t just sit back and have it put nicely in your lap. 

God also calls us to ‘avoid godless chatter’ – replace it by speaking life from your mouth. Words that cause death are like a poison that spreads and kills things in its path. But words that speak life help light to shine and truth to come out.

Apply it– Step into what God has called you to, don’t take it lightly. It requires you to shed the life you once knew and become more Christ-like by reading his word, praying, and spending time with him. When error happens, God is there to embrace us once again. Learning to speak life is hard. It’s easy to lash out, speak negatively, and spread gossip, but like all areas of life, change requires patience and discipline. Most of all, change requires trusting in God.

Prayer- Father, As this life with you continues I on, I ask that you keep pouring into me so that I may pour out to others. Help me to remember that it all comes down to loving your people. I want to see others as you see them, not as my human eyes do. They will always fail me. But, through your eyes, I can see the broken and hurting. In your name Jesus, Amen.

January 15th

Scripture- 2 Timothy 1

Observe it – Jesus has promised good things through faith as we follow him.

Faith starts small and grows as our relationship grows with God. Let God stir the fire for the gifts that He has planted in your heart. Don’t let Fear hold you back. Instead share the name of Jesus. Why? Because although we don’t deserve the life that comes through accepting Jesus, he gives it freely and wants us to invite others into it too.

Apply it- Keep pushing towards your goals and dreams. Don’t let fear hold you back from what God has meant for you. Push fear away and stand firm against it. Let your faith keep growing, and God will show you everything he wants for you. 

Prayer- Father, Fan the flames that burn so bright deep down inside of me. Help me to never lose sight of my end goals. Help me to seek you in all areas of my life. Let your love, joy, peace, and grace dwell out of me for others to see. And, no matter what is thrown my way, I will always praise your name. In Jesus Name, Amen.

January 14th

Scripture- 1 Timothy 6

Observe it – Don’t be consumed with things. Instead, be consumed with things God wants you to do. That’s what you will take to heaven, not things or money. Pursue righteousness, a godly life, faith, love, perseverance (persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success), and gentleness.

Perseverance = Achieving God’s dreams for you! Hold tight to what God has called you to.

Apply it - Hold tight to my dreams and fight for what God has put on my heart. Keep filling my heart with eternal peace, joy and love, and not with greed, lust, or envy. Things and money will never satisfy me. But, when I place those things in God’s hand he will take away the sinful part, and place it with more of Him. In return, I will begin to see things in a different way, and walk out what he has called me to do.

Prayer – Father,  thank- you for your continued work on my heart. I ask that if there is anything deep in my heart that doesn’t reflect you, take it out and replace it with more of you. I also pray that you give me the strength and energy to keep pushing and keep fighting for what you have called me to do. Keep the fire and passion for each and every dream that you’ve called me to burning deep down inside me. In your name,  Amen.

January 13th

Scripture- 1 Timothy 5

Observe it – God’s word consistently reminds us to look out for people that are in need, people that are less fortunate and honor people that society often forgets.

Apply it – What could I do today to love and care for someone that is less fortunate than I am? What words could I speak, actions could I take, gift could I give to care for someone today?

Prayer – God, Help me to see people with your eyes. Give me the perspective that I need to care well for others. Amen.

January 12th

Scripture- 1 Timothy 4

Observe it – What is Paul trying to say to Timothy in this Chapter? Paul wrote to Timothy about not only false teachings, but about priorities of pursuing godliness because it matters here in life and in eternity.

Apply it – How can I keep be sure that I’m not distracted by false teachers? Is there anything in my life that tries to take priority above my pursuit of God?

Prayer – God, Will you help me to understand your truth and teach me to know what your word teaches? So many good things tend to crowd into my lists of priorities, can you help me ensure that you are my top priority? Amen.

January 11th

Scripture- 1 Timothy 3

Observe it – Have a place or or title in the church isn’t all about the name. It’s more about hard work and serving others. A leader must also have godly character; someone who works at being a reflection of the heart of God. God also doesn’t expect perfection, but a willing heart to be shaped by His hand. 

Apply it – Living a life with Christ means each day I wake up and admit to my faults and handing them over to God to take care of it. My worry, stress, and depression; they go to Jesus for him to heal and take care of. I can know that as I pray and trust God, I am taken care of by Him.

Prayer- Father, I know that I am a sinner born into this world. I also know that you are the father of grace and mercy. Help me to just be myself without the pressure of perfection. I want to show who I am and have your heart reflected in my eyes. Your grace will get me through those hard times. I trust in all you have for me and you do currently. In your name, Amen

January 10th

Scripture- 1 Timothy 2

Observe it – Pray for others and lift up your hands in praise. Silence – meaning quiet. Be peaceful and quiet, knowing when to speak and when not to. Be respectful of leadership that God puts in place.

Apply it – Through prayer I can find a life filled with peace and learning how God has placed authority around me and be respectful of that.  For married couples – Come along side of your spouse as equal partners. Working alongside each area in all areas of your lives. Being mindful of how you address issues and speak to one another.

Prayer – Father, help me to learn how to speak when I need to speak and be quiet when I need to be quiet. It’s easy sometimes to get caught up in a word battle with others. Most times, people just need to see you reflected in me and I can do that by knowing your truth by reading your word and knowing when to use words that you give me.