2 Timothy Bible Study

Let's walk in the gifts God gave us! Whether it's serving in the church, standing on the curb with a sign like my dear friend Anthony Conley, or joining the Creative Family Nights at your very own 29:11 Church home, it’s your gift. No matter what it is God has given each and every one of us gifts. And, like Timothy, he wants us to walk out in those gifts on a daily basis. A pure example of this is the Living Room Sessions: Volume I EP that was just released. The whole team of amazing friends put their desires and hearts in God's hand and used their gifts to produce a holy and pleasing offering of worship to God. Let's all walk in our callings like this.

 This 2nd blog will focus on 2nd Timothy. The book is a short four chapters so in the next few days I want you to read all of them. Take the same journal you've been using and write some notes or questions or highlights as you read. Keep an eye out for two big themes in 2 Timothy: remember/remind and encouragement. Maybe even highlight or mark in your Bible every time Paul says something of that sort.

 Some background on 2 Timothy:

This book was also written by Paul to Timothy a decent amount of time after the first letter. The setting of 2 Timothy is unique because Paul is expecting to die. This is his 'final word.' At this time Timothy is facing much difficulty in the church, and he's gotta be asking, “Is it worth it?” Second Timothy is Paul's answer to him.


 Timothy is encouraged to not fear, he is told not to be ashamed, that he will only be strengthened by grace, constantly told to preach, and he is repeatedly warned to expect suffering. Paul is afraid that Timothy is fearful and ashamed of the gospel and himself (Paul). Timothy needs to be encouraged; he needs to teach in the time of persecution, he needs to preach against the false teachings: Timothy is clearly in a tough situation. He is seeing his friends leave the mission field, watching people abandon Paul, and Timothy's beloved spiritual father/ mentor is on his death bed. IS IT WORTH IT?

Well, is it worth it?

Paul's answer is ‘yes’... like you will see in the letter. It's absolutely worth it. The gospel is worth it. Jesus is worth it. And Paul is in the perfect position to say that: imprisoned, abandoned, beaten, and dying.

Read the whole book of 2 Timothy and in a few days we will have a new blog post which will end the series of 1 & 2 Timothy. Then look forward to the 1st of April when we will start with a new book.

 Much love and blessings,