God Is In The Failures...

Father be in the moments now that we share as a family of believers, brother and sisters. Would you move in my thoughts and be echoed in the words you’d have me write, Amen.

As a culture it has come to my attention that we have taken God out of our failures. We choose to see failure(s) as a complete lack of God’s presence, which is a contradiction of who He is and how dare we pick and choose the moments in which we choose to acknowledge him.

When something doesn’t work out we say, “Well God must not have been in it.” And please friends don’t assume I’m attacking the way you speak, how petty that would be of me, talk the way you want, I’m not concerned with the cadence in which you vocalize. What I’m drawing your attention to is that we are making God in our image when we are so clearly and blatantly made in his.

God wishes for us to acknowledge Him in each and every one of our failures. He has created this system in which we fail and fail and fail, and finally we cry out in frustration, “God, I can’t do it, I keep messing up, I keep running, I keep trying, nothing works, I can’t do it on my own!” He whispers back calmly and lovingly. “I know, when did I ever say you had to do it on your own?”

Now, isn’t it just like God to set up a system in which we cannot thrive unless we have a full and complete dependence on him. And how good is this, He also desires that we never blame ourselves for the failures we encounter because, hear me friends, if we blame ourselves for the failures we will award ourselves in the successes. God wants us to have a rested grateful soul, in which we trust him on the peaks, and we trust him in the valleys.

At the end of your life people may applaud you for the way you lived, praising your morals and ethics. You’ll laugh indirectly saying, “It’s not what you think, I’m not into ethics for ethics or morals for morals, for me it was this loving gracious God, who as I grew closer to became increasingly more real to me. And I became more and more aware of his love and his commitment in my life and so when the storms showed up I was able to treat them as if I had just experienced victory because if I’m leaning on God, those waves look so small.”

My prayer for you this week is that you experience complete and utter failure, but I also pray that in those circumstances you find rest for your soul, because you see the workings of God within the failure. Friends the message is clear, there is a Giver, He is generous, He is gracious, His love is expansive, and it’s relentless, and it’s unconditional. And the most important realization that you can make, is that you cannot do it on your own.

Upon His ship, the waves look so small.

Sam Paul / Christ Follower / Son / Brother / Graphic Designer / 29:11 Leader