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Seth Wilkerson & Stephen Wood share a "selfie" moment in New Zealand.

Seth Wilkerson & Stephen Wood share a "selfie" moment in New Zealand.

Five Years ago, that is when I first entered the mission field on my own and ventured out from under the rule of my parents. I was here in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand for two weeks. While I was here, I was prayed for and told that I would be back in Queenstown as a leader. I’ve remembered that prophecy over the years and now.... I’m Back! I live, FIVE YEARS later, full time in Queenstown discipling the young minds of the world and furthering the Kingdom of our Father. I work as a full time leader on this base dedicated to the reformation of the nations. I am also the leader of the Ski and Snowboard DTS (Discipleship Training School) where we have international students come and study subjects about the God they serve. A couple key courses would be The Father Heart of God or the Lordship of Christ. After this time we have together, they will then go and walk out what they have learned in different countries around the world. God is so good! Currently we have teams in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and one on their way to China. These teams are working with a lot of children, orphans, homeless kids and broken homes. The outreach teams also work with local projects and churches. His provision over this base and the people here is incredible. We are still in the early stages of development and pioneering and we could use all the prayer we can get. Currently I am preparing for my school coming up. Between sorting out the speaker schedule and planning for the outreaches in September, there is plenty to do. I personally could use prayer for diligence in my day to day work and with discernment in the choices of which students to accept, where to go on outreach and so on. That my Faith increases to believe more and more that God is who he says he is and will fulfill the promises he makes. Also that I will have Humility in remembering it’s God’s plan and he makes it happen, not me. Pray for a greater releasing of finances in my personal life. I am currently struggling to make ends meet between my base fees, keeping gas in the car and my basic human need to eat. But I am confident in my Father’s desire to give His children good gifts. Thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to being able to join 29:11 again in the future! Until then Brothers and Sisters … GO 29:11!!

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