My Everything...

My Everything.

 "God?” you say.

 "Yes,” I reply.

 "Who is he?” you ask again.  “Another religious figure through the course of time?”

I pause before I respond wondering what to say. “Who is this God? A cross around my neck or hanging from my dashboard? “No,” I finally say, “He is so much more.”

 Jealous, All-knowing, All-powerful, Almighty and the King of Kings.

 He is a Dreamer, a Creator, the Great I Am, Lord of everything.

 My Abba Father, Jehovah, Provider, Lord, Maker and my personal guardian.

 My God is courageous, a protector, He will comfort and heal, He’s merciful, a conqueror, virtuous, the ultimate Victor, my Father in Heaven, my everything.

 He is Lord of all, living and active, loyal, my intercessor. He’s full of truth, love, joy, wisdom and is my friend, my absolute, my everlasting.

 Did I say omnipresent, the Restorer, omniscient, divine and holy? Infinite, matchless, faithful and supreme.

 Majestic, unrivaled, He’s pure, He’s active, dazzling, beautiful and brilliant.

 He is a light in the darkest dark, expensive, glorious, great, immense, yet still humble above all.

 He’s Paramount, unfathomable, boundless, powerful, and complete. Yes, this Lord, my God, He’s my everything.

 He is just, strong, creative, vast and magnificent beyond compare, transcendent, consuming, a blazing fire, bewildering and mystifying everywhere.

 He’s prestigious, radiant, a Shepard to the sheep, internal, incomparable, external and forgiving even the most horrendous of sins.

 He’s eternal, indescribable, unsurpassable, impeccable to say the least. My God is unfailing, incandescent, honoring, a treasure whose worth can’t be measured.

He is compassion, respectful, wondrous and brave above all fears.

 You will find him amazing, wise, bemusing, and kind. He’s friendly, lives with harmony and constant in the most turbulent of times. Yes, conqueror of everything.

 He illuminates, endures, is righteous, lasting and shares his relentless love.

 He is life, unbroken, my refuge and mighty savior.

 He is marvelous, peace in the storm and the answer to all my questions.

 God, my God…yes, this God is my everything


Author: Abbi Horn

Additional Writing: Mark Rempel