I can see it in their eyes...

My generation is a people dealing with all different kinds of things. Whether it's depression, sexuality, drugs or something as simple as grades, we all come from different issues. But everyone in my generation wants one thing, to be loved. Who doesn’t want to be loved? Even though we try to hide it at times there is no doubt there is a big hole in our heart we are all trying to fill.

 As I walk the halls of my high school I can see it in my friends eyes. They are looking for something. I see them trying to make something work just to fit in. Just to feel like they matter. Just to feel a sense of…love.

 Love is language that everyone speaks. When it comes without condition it seems to work best. It sees beyond what’s on the outside or even how we feel deep inside. I see my friends trying to find this love but I know it only comes from one place. One source. It is God’s love.

I wish my friends could see that love reaching out to them in the crowded hallways. It doesn’t seem to matter if I give it to them through my words or even if I invite them to my church. What they are looking for is to see it acted out in the everyday of my life. Love is so much more seen through what we do than what we say. So I have to ask myself this question… “What is my life saying?” When I’m walking down those crowded hallways. When I’m out on the soccer field. When I’m sitting next to someone in one of my classes. It’s seen in how I treat my parents. How I respond to my brother. How I talk to my sister. Do I kick my dog or speak with a slander about my neighbor? This is how we define love in my generation. Words aren’t worth much any more. We text, Tweet, email…try to write a million assignments with them. They fade away fast and we are left with what really stands…and that’s who we are when we walk the crowded hallways of life. People can see it in our eyes. They can feel it in our touch. They know it in our voice. So, what are all those things saying to the people around you?

 I hope they keep repeating that God loves you, for real. And there’s nothing you can do to change that. That is love in its truest from. The challenge comes when I try to live it. So, I’m trying to live it…are you?

 Zeke Rempel/Christ follower/Son/Friend/TRIBE student