Remember How Faithful...

Pastor Mark asked me if I would consider writing a blog but, to be honest, I’ve never written one before. Not being sure what to write about, I sat down at the typewriter (whoops … I just showed my age) and grabbed my favorite Bible. It’s the one wrapped in a leather book cover because the binding is gone and it’s about to lose its pages. To say it’s been through a lot with me is an understatement. It has my writing all in it with various colors of faded ink and arrows pointing to this and that.  I thought I would just flip through these worn pages and have something just hop off the page as if to say, ‘write about me.’ But to be honest, that really didn’t happen.  Instead, I got to go through the memories of days gone by and remember how God has brought me through days that I thought I just couldn’t go on. Days I thought held no good thing and disaster loomed at every turn. I also found great things that God had done but mostly I saw how faithful He was and still is. Here’s a few of my treasures I’ll share:

It was 2003 and Mark Brunell was preaching at the church we attended at that time. This is what he said, “The Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity and the Optimist seeing opportunity in every difficulty.” That was a ‘wow’ for me. I can be an “Eeyore.”


Here’s another one but there’s no date … ‘Key Verse in Luke’ is written in blue ink that now has a purple haze around it because it’s been there over 10 years. This scripture is underlined in the same ink, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” These are ‘marching orders.’  It’s really not all about me!

And here’s the last one and probably my favorite. It takes me back to our small house in the 1960s when I read this verse for the first time in my King James Bible. It’s Proverbs 25:11. I remember reading it and wondering, What in the world is God trying to say here? Well, I finally found out several years ago. In a nutshell it means that God’s words are pure, like gold and silver, and they bring refreshing through the spoken word at the appointed time, like a prophesy. No wonder I didn’t get it way back then.

I know we live in a time of hi-tech and notes on the iPhone. If I can leave you with any one encouragement it would be this. No matter if you like to turn pages or screen surf… write down what you feel God is impressing on your heart. If a scripture or quote grabs at you, jot it down. I promise when you go back and read it sometime in the future, you will really see how God had your back and the plans really did work out with a hope and a future.

Hey, thanks for taking a walk down Memory Lane and I hope you got a glimpse of how crazy life can be, how confusing things can get but mostly how faithful God is. His Word lasts forever and ever and He is Faithful and True!!! Write On … 

Christi Williams/Wife/Mother/Grandma/29:11 Prayer Warrior