The community of 29:11 is a community of givers. We believe that there is no better way to live than to give…”It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35 NIV) Many people observing the church think that money and monetary ways are the only way to “give.” At 29:11, we believe there are so many more. You may hear us refer to them as the THREE Ts OF GIVING. Those three “Ts” can be defined as your Time, Talent and your Treasure. How? By getting involved in three unique ways that are equally important.

MY COMMUNITY – At 29:11 we believe in our community.

As followers of Christ, the first thing we should be focused on is taking care of where we live. You will find this body of believers sharing their time, talents and treasure supporting local events, local needs and raising a generation to create ways to make where we reside a better place to live strengthening everything from marriages, local businesses and surrounding churches. 29:11 is all about investing in a people committed to taking the heart of Jesus Christ into our community through action.


MY CHURCH – At 29:11 we believe in taking care of the church.

The mission of our community of believers is to follow God’s plan, share His hope by becoming living examples of His Word and then seeing our future’s transformed. At 29:11, we believe that starts by serving in your local church. Sharing your time by getting involved, using your talent to make a difference in someone’s else life and by investing into human beings by sharing your treasure.

MY WORLD – At 29:11 we believe in reaching out to the world. Most of us are aware that we live in a world with overwhelming needs. Although we can’t take on every cause on the planet, we believe in doing what we can. From joining hands with Global partners to sending teams on mission trips across the seas, we believe the sacrifice of our time, talent and treasure can make a difference everywhere we go.


At 29:11, we believe in this investment to give.  From a talent to a tithe, your investment matters.  Whether you live across the country or across the street, you can give something to help us continue to make a difference and be a part of a generation who is marching to a different beat. You can invest your time by getting involved at 29:11. You can invest your talent by sharing your personal strengths by connecting with a community group. You can invest your treasure by giving online or by check. Live a life that is passionate about making a difference. When you give you always grow…


And just for peace of mind, all donations to 29:11 church are fully tax deductible. We are also kept under bookkeeping guidelines as well as audited by Fishback PC on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.



Is it safe to give online?

Yes. In many ways giving online is safer than writing a check because an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen. The security of the system is continually managed by PayPal, who securely processes our online giving.


What types of bank accounts can I give from?

You can give online from your checking account, MasterCard, Visa,

Discover, or American Express.


 Are there any fees involved with giving online?

Not to you. You will not pay any fees with an online gift. In addition,

online gifts are a more cost efficient way for the church to process



I have additional questions about online giving that have not been addressed. Who can I talk to?

For any questions, concerns or comments about the online giving system, please contact us at You will receive a response from our staff as soon as possible.