Day 6


One word, but so hard to do. Maybe in the past someone close to you broke your trust. Maybe, you were once involved with a church and that trust was broken. Now, you find there’s a wall built around the part of your heart that so willingly trusted in the words people said.

John 14:1 says, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust in me also.”

Did you get that part that says trust in God? You know the cool thing about God is that He never, ever disappoints us. He never gives up on us. And, most importantly, you can put your whole trust in his hands and he won’t ever break it. How cool is that? So, see, because humans were automatically born into sin, it’s hard for us to not break trust with someone else. Think of a part of the lyrics from a song this weekend that was sang in church and imprint it on
your heart...

In God we trust. He will never let us go. Never let us go.


Heavenly Father,

I can trust you. I can trust you! Help me to declare that in my life by not focusing on the circumstances but trusting fully in you. Thank you for being so trustworthy. 

In Jesus name,