broken/whole: New Life

Graphic designed by Isaac Taleno.

Graphic designed by Isaac Taleno.

“The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.”

Romans 8:11, NLT

From the cross.

To the resurrection. 

Death has been defeated.

Nothing held Jesus Christ back. 

The world can say what it wants but the truth is that his body was not in the grave. The miracle had occurred. Yes, death had been defeated in full. Because of Christ’s resurrection, His Spirit is available to us now. When Jesus ascended to heaven, he left the Holy Spirit here on earth for our benefit. The Holy Spirit, which brought Christ back to life, is now living within us!

Jesus said that in this life we would experience troubles, hard times, and tough moments. But in the midst of these struggles, we will not be alone. His Spirit is with us! He will come alongside us and walk on this journey with us. Christ’s strength becomes our strength. This brings us comfort, knowing that in the heat of the battle Christ fights alongside us, defeating darkness as we call on His name. Jesus Christ has already overcome death, so there is no darkness or struggle in our earthly life that cannot be dominated by the Holy Spirit. Because of God’s great love for us we will not walk this life alone! All we have to do is call on His name. He breathes life into our mortal bodies.

For when we call on His name, we call on the Father of all creation. He is all knowing, all-powerful, almighty, omnipresent, the king of kings, the creator. God is the great I Am, Abba father, Jehovah, provider, Lord, maker, Yahweh and master. He is our guardian, comforter, healer, conqueror, intercessor, and friend. He is truth, love, peace, and joy. He is merciful, virtuous, courageous, honest, loyal, and faithful. Lord of all, God is our victor and restorer. Absolute and everlasting, the living God is divine, holy, infinite, supreme, and ultimate. He is unparalleled.

Yes, the unparalleled God has defeated death. But more than that—eternal and true life is made available to us through it all! We are no longer slaves to death, broken for eternity, or damned to hell without Him.

We are broken, in the same way that Christ’s body was broken. We are broken in our sin; we are broken in the sense that we cannot repair ourselves by our own accord. We are broken.

But simultaneously, we are whole, in the same way that Christ has always been whole. The Holy Spirit is available to us, allowing us to be made whole in the presence of God.  He makes us whole. We are whole.

Devotional written by Mark A. Rempel. Edited by Heather Christy.