Campfire Stories | Week 1

These questions and thoughts are designed to help you create connection in your Community Group. For a more in-depth study on the Psalm 39 you can refer back to the devo by connecting to the link:

Week 1: Campfire Moments//Psalm 39

Key Scriptures from Psalm 39.



Here’s my life motto, the truth I live by:

    I will guard my ways for all my days.

    I will speak only what is right, guarding what I speak.

    Like a watchman guards against an attack of the enemy,

    I’ll guard and muzzle my mouth

    when the wicked are around me.

    I will remain silent and will not grumble

    or speak out of my disappointment.

    But the longer I’m silent the more my pain grows worse!

We live our lives like those living in shadows.[c]

    All our activities and energies are spent for things that pass away.

    We gather, we hoard, we cling to our things,

    only to leave them all behind for who knows who.

And now, God,[d] I’m left with one conclusion:

    my only hope is to hope in you alone!


Lord, listen to all my tender cries.

    Read my every tear, like liquid words that plead for your help.

    I feel all alone at times, like a stranger to you,

    passing through this life just like all those before me.


Don’t let me die without restoring

    joy and gladness to my soul.

    May your frown over my failure

    become a smile over my success.


Start Talking.
Find a conversation starterfor your group.

-Share about the best and worst camping trip you’ve ever been on and why?

-If you could camp anywhere in the world, where would that be?


Start Thinking.
Ask a thoughtful question. 

-Share about a meaningful time you or someone you know had at youth camp or church camp and why?

Start sharing.
Go over these questions to help spark discussion in your group.

The WORDS you speak over your life are more important than you THINK! Share about some positive words that were spoken over you in your life and how it helped you?

INTIMACY with God is what is most IMPORTANT. Why do you think people struggle to get intimate with God?

God’s SMILE can be found in the restoration of our SOULS. Share about an area of your life that God has restored in your life. 

Start Prayer.
Here are ways to close your group in prayer. 

Have someone close in prayer asking God to help every individuals GROW closer to God through reading his WORD, through PRAYER and through CONNECTING others by sharing about their relationship with God. Maybe have individuals go around and share areas they want break past that are holding them back from feeling close to there heavenly Father.