Song Stories | Roses

Talk It Out...

These questions and thoughts are designed to help you create connection in your Community. The next four weeks we will be taking a look at the stories behind some of the songs we sing written by our very own 29:11Worship Team! 

Song Lyrics: Roses (29:11 Worship)

As crimson as the petals on a rose

So was the love poured out for me

The price that set me free

And as scarlet as the blood

That soaked those beams

So is your love for me

So is your love for me


I lay my life like a rose at the feet of Calvary

All my heart to be poured like a fragrant offering


I sing Holy, Holy, Holy
To the One who died for me

As heavy as the cross upon your back So was my sin and shame

And still you took the blame

As buried as thorns pressed in your brow So is your promise kept for me

That you will come for me

I sing Holy, Holy, Holy

To the One who died for me Holy, Holy, Holy

To the Servant King

My Jesus



I'll spend my whole life

To sing forever

*Start Talking. Find a conversation starter for your group from the following questions…

-If you could paint yourself any color and not be seen as crazy, what color would that be?

-If you were a flower, which flower would you be?

*Start Thinking. Ask a thoughtful question. 

Pastor Mark spoke on the “power of remembering” this past weekend.  We have all had experiences- whether they be good or bad- in which we remember every detail, every word spoken, every emotion.  Often times the things we remember bring us joy, satisfaction, sadness, and pain. Through these situations and the remembrance of them we are “shaped” into who we are.

In the midst of our lives, we have opportunities to encounter God. Take a moment and think about one of those encounters. Share your experience. What was the situation? What did God do or say? How were you changed? What characteristic of God did you encounter?

*Start sharing. Go over these questions to help spark discussion in your group.

Read Luke 22:14-20...

Why do you think Jesus was eager to eat the Passover meal with the disciples before his suffering began?

Jesus asked his disciples to remember do you think each disciple remembered Jesus? As friend, healer, provider, savior, servant, sacrifice, etc...

We take part in communion as a way to remember the sacrifice of Jesus for us. Why is it hard for us to remember past the “bread” and “juice” to the actual events that took place on the night of Jesus’ betrayal and throughout the events of his crucifixion? Is it hard for you to think about the obscenity of the cross- the brutality it represented?

Have you ever had someone take the blame for something you did wrong?  What was the situation? How did it make you feel?

Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice- once and for all! He spilled ALL his blood for you and me! Because of this sacrifice we are:

Redeemed; Reconciled to God; Forgiven; Free; Justified; Cleansed of a guilty conscience; Overcomer’s of the enemy; Our sins are washed away; The way to the presence of God was opened...

*Action Point.

Take a few moments each day this week to remember the cross and the sacrifice that was made for you and I. As you reflect, respond creatively. Write a poem, a short story, or simply words that describe your praise and adoration. Paint, color, or build. We serve an incredibly creative God who loves us conditionally. Respond to him this week in your quiet time.

*Start Prayer. Here are ways to close your group in prayer. 

 As you are ending your group, have everyone close their eyes and read the lyrics to Roses slowly, like a poem. Once the song is read, take a few moments for quiet reflection then have someone end in prayer thanking God for the sacrifice of his son, Jesus. Allow the group to respond in thanks as well.