Sweet Surrender - An Act of Submission

Sweet, sweet surrender. It’s an action that occurs when we give everything we have to God. How many times have we gone through the motions of surrendering to God at the altar, just for Monday to come and hit us right back in the face again. The following week we find ourselves, on our face, crying out to God how we messed up and ask for salvation once again.


It becomes this repetitive cycle that seems never ending. Somehow, we think that asking for salvation each week is what keeps us off that thin line and falling over to the other side of the fence.

It’s not guilt that drives us to follow Him, it’s our love as we grow in relationship with Him. It’s diving into the word and learning who our Savior is. It’s spending each day praying and communicating with Him. It’s being a part of community and being around others that share our values in faith.

As our faith grows we begin to see old things fall away. They can’t remain in your life as the Holy Spirit grows within you. Things that once made you trip easily begin to fade into non-existence.

We no longer have to wrestle our past, our thoughts, and our desires. Just like Jacob, we let go and let God.

In Genesis 32: 24 it says, “So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak.”

At times that how life feels. We continually wrestle with everything until we tell God, “Take it all.” We hold there until God does take it all and as we let go, God’s blessings begin to pour out.

This week read and meditate on Genesis 32. Take your moment and wrestle it out with God.

Be blessed,

Pastor Mark and the Devotional Team

Sweet Surrender


Here I've fallen once again

An ember still alive within

I will wait on bended knee

For You to move the dead in me



Sweet surrender

I cede all of me

In sweet surrender


I trade it all to know your grace

Lord guide my steps within your ways

I place my tears into your hands

And in Your time to understand


I'm letting go

I can't do this on my own

BRIDGE 2(x2)

I'm letting go

Where I am weak you make me strong

I'm letting go

In sweet surrender

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