Roses - The Cross

Matthew 20:28 states, “For even the Son of Man did not come expecting to be served by everyone, but to serve everyone, and to give his life in exchange for the salvation of many.”

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us that day on the cross. He gave a blood atonement to wash of our sins and create a way for us to have direct communication to God. No longer would we have to bring a blood sacrifice to communicate with our heavenly father.  Jesus did this to restore what had been done in the Garden of Eden.

Through communion we remember this sacrifice. It creates another level of worship and intimacy with Jesus. Instead of an animal sacrifice, we are able to sacrifice sins in our life that keep us from the highest level of intimacy with Him.

In the song Roses, featured in all of our weekend Experiences, we are introduced to exactly how much Jesus loved us when he died for us. It wasn’t about Him at all or the fact that he was about to be tortured, but it was his ultimate love for us that made him bear the weight of all our sins so that we could live our lives in absolute freedom. Take a look at the first verse in the song.

As crimson as the petals on a rose

 So was the love poured out for me

The price that set me free

And as scarlet as the blood

That soaked those beams

 So is your love for me

A rose is by far the most intimate flower that you can give someone. It professes that you love that person more far than you love yourself. So is the same of what Jesus did for us. His blood pouring out professes the same kind of intimate love. Once he was pierced, his blood washed away any stain that made us stay in bondage to sin and death. Jesus paid it all. Let that thought carry with you through this week. Death and sin are no more when our lives our sacrificed at the feet of the cross. We are able to walk with heads held high and chains of bondage broke over our lives.

This week have your own personal communion with Jesus. Take time to read about Jesus death and victory. Let it soothe your heart. Also take time to pray that if there is anything in your life that keeps you distant and experience full intimacy with God that you may lie down at the feet of Jesus.

Be Encouraged…

Pastor Mark and the Devo Team