Marble and Mortar - Christ, our Solid Foundation.

Marble and Mortar - Christ our Solid Foundation

In this week of our Song Series we got to hear a song titled Marble and Mortar. While the title may be different, what it really comes down to is Jesus. He is the part that is our cornerstone and stronghold. When things get thrown our way he is able to hold us up with His strength to keep us from falling all the way down.

Matthew 7:24-27 describes building on sandy shores or on the rocks. We are shown a glimps if when a storm hits, the house built in the sand washes away easily, but the house built in the rocks stands firm and stays upright in the storm.

The same is true when we allow Jesus to stand firm with us! Right now if you were to do a heart check, where would you be? Is Jesus that strong support in your day-to-day, or has he somehow fallen from your sight and now your struggling in the sand?

Many times we lose sight of Jesus during the week. We get so caught in the everyday rush, that we forgot Jesus is there walking right beside us.

Joshua 24:15 Joshua says to the others that no matter what gods are honored around him, his household will serve the Lord. Joshua was declaring that his heart was all in with God! He was focused on a being that got him through the rough times.

We should never lose our awe in what was done on the cross. Our Savior was given to us in act of unselfish love and by our hands he was beaten and bruised and hung in the cross to die. But God, in all his glory came down and rise Jesus up from that grave. That one act broke the veils I’d sin and death! That should always make us excited and run towards Jesus! Our very hearts desire should be to walk in daily relationship with him!

As you begin your week, ask God to join you in your daily routine. What a difference we might see as we grow more close to our Savior!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Mark and the Daily Encourage Team