Mark and Brenda Rempel, team leaders at twentynine:eleven, have been in full time ministry for over 22 years. Both of them have poured into the lives of thousands of students and adults across the country and abroad. During their years as youth pastors, scores of Jr. and Sr. High School students were part of an exciting ministry focusing on bringing the arts into how each of us have a purpose and a passion for a God-filled life here on earth. In addition, as executive pastors for college students and young professionals, they helped develop an attitude of worship and gratitude in their everyday life at school and in the workplace. Mark is a published author, blogger and is passionate about using creativity to draw people to his hero, Jesus Christ.

Mark and Brenda have served at several amazing churches including Rockford First in Rockford, Illinois and Desert Springs Church in Chandler, Arizona. Brenda is a licensed social worker in Arizona and Mark has worked with the Chandler Fire Department as a volunteer Crisis Responder. They have three amazing children in college and high school.




Zion has been a Worship Director for over 6 years. Writing music and designing an innovative experience is his passion. Zion is a part of the teaching staff and often times speaks in our services as well as to our volunteer team. He also pioneers many of our creative projects. With a degree in anthropology from the Honors' College at ASU he has a passion to communicate the word of God both tangibly and with innovation. This makes for a very relationship centered youth ministry. Leading a number of trips to Africa, as well as directing a film about human trafficking in Thailand, Zion is also a prominent leader in 29:11's global missions efforts. 


Built from all different backgrounds and walks of life, 29:11 Worship is a collective team of individuals that combine their efforts musically and spiritually to share music filled with God's plan, His hope and our future as followers of Christ. Diverse in style, 29:11 Worship utilizes music written from some of today's anointed worship leaders and musicians as well as writing original music themselves. Their sound and heart for God unique and God breathed. If you're interested in being a part of the team, contact Zion at



Reaching the soul of individuals with creativity and innovation is the focus of 29:11 Creative. From weekend 29:11 Experience services to print, web, graphics, film projects, soundtracking, scripting and writing, this creative team is committed to blowing past creative church cliches and allowing the creative force of God to lead them.  Creating a culture using creativity to help people hear and follow God’s plan for their lives, to gain hope they can share with others, and to help the next generation do it even better is their mission.